Intelligence Anyone?

In the past, I would equate intelligent people as those who got good grades in school. However, I realized that this is a pretty narrow concept of intelligence. Now, I would consider emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman), successful intelligence (Robert Sternberg), multiple-intelligence (Howard Gardner).

Among these, I prefer using successful intelligence to refer to the more meaningful and practical intelligence necessary and relevant to an individual. An intelligent person is self-aware, motivated and learns not only to improve his circumstances to attain his overall goal in life. He learns by discovering and employing all possible intelligences or by utilizing resources that are present or by making them accessible to him.

I would regard myself as intelligent based on the qualities I have stated above. By adopting a more extensive interpretation of intelligence, I have become more aware of student’s potential, including their intelligence. I know that our current standardized intelligence test would check primarily memory and analytical ability. Now, I would give more substance to practical application, dedication, common sense, resiliency, wisdom, compassion and ethics. This year, I am not teaching inside the classroom. But, I find myself the teacher of any Grade 7-10 student teaching anywhere and anytime inside the school. I have a bigger classroom with a class that is running the whole time. Since I took on Student Formation, I find myself capturing “teachable” moments as much as I can.


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