A New Chapter in my eJournal



As I geared up for another PTC class, I cannot help but wonder what is in store for me this semester.  I have finished two courses thus far.  And I am pleased with the knowledge and insights I have gained.

This semester will be different.  I am more confident in utilizing distance learning in supplementing my development as an educator.  Last year, I had an administrative role focusing on Student Services and Formation.  This coming school year, I go back to teaching.

I quickly downloaded the twelve files under Class Orientation and Preliminary activities.  While waiting for my driver’s license to be processed, I browsed over the documents.  They are all brimming with information.  I expect there will be many of these, finding time among many commitments and pressing needs to absorb, analyze and act on my own personal learning commitment.  Thus, my learning strategy has to be firm and clear.  And, it has to start right away.  It did.  And I ended sleeping right before midnight on the first day I seriously sat down in my EDUC 111 class.

I am pretty excited about learning and teaching styles.  I want to find that common spot…the zone wherein my students and I will listen, learn and live out meaningful lessons from the classroom.

This new chapter transforms my classroom into a stage, a laboratory, a playground and a second home.  I plan to apply what I learn immediately.  This I still have to consult with my Academic and Subject Area Coordinator.  I am positive that they will support me in this quest.

Let us start with a new chapter, a new page, and one blog at a time.


“New Chapter” image retrieved from http://blog.rsm.nl/mba/2015/09/08/onemba-about-to-start/.

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