I am relearning to teach for meaningful learning.

Two years ago, after twenty years in the corporate world, I decided to teach. It would make sense to teach in college.  I have corporate training under my belt.  But no, I didn’t teach higher education.  Maybe I missed my catechetical classes that I taught before I went to college.  Kids are darn cute and I get that funny impulse to smile and scream at the same.  The screams are often in my head though. And they are nice screams, like ice cream.  Anyway, I did not teach pre-school or in grade school.  So, that leaves me with high school.  Yes, that special time in our lives when anything and everything can happen.  When inquisitiveness is at its highest and the sense of fear somehow gets lost is the background. Yes, I decided to teach high school students Economics.

My first year was tough to say the least.  Everything was new.  The benefit and bane of a second career is the learning curve.  Most of the new teachers are half my age.  However, God took note of that early on and blessed with a frame that can blend with teens. During the Intramurals, I helped my class in the ballroom dancing competition by doing a split. Did I mention it was my first time to do a split in my entire life.  Needless to say, I passed my first year as a teacher with a number of discoveries about myself and the teaching profession

I am an Economics major.  Content knowledge is not a problem although I had to brush up on my basic principles. Pedagogical knowledge is a concept to me including educational contexts.  The learners of today are so different.  Millennials would not appreciate lectures that would run for an hour (Nevid, 2008).  I need to throw away my previous ideas of transferring knowledge and adopt new strategies in this age of limited attention spans and increased emphasis on student engagement.  It was necessary to get to know my students…fast.

Before my first year as a teacher ended, I was given an administrative position.  It also meant that I will not teach.  This year, I am back to teaching.  And, I am excited!

My courses under UPOU helped me a lot during these transitions.  I maintained my focus as a teacher.  In my last course, I learned to appreciate the K to 12 system.  The past few months were spent about the new curriculum.  During our In-service Training, I got to integrate more frameworks and valuable insights as to how I would approach teaching this year.  I will teach Economics again.  In addition, I will be integrating financial literacy in the revised curriculum. I was a registered financial consultant.  I worked for the financial services industry for eighteen years.  I can see the stars aligning.

I was motivated to take the jump and be a teacher because of my values in life.  I redirected my life towards meaning and fulfillment.  The way I teach is influenced by this purpose.  And, I can almost the feel the energy behind each learning opportunity as I draft my plans for the year.  Each performance output will help my student become a 21st century learner.

And so, I teach again.  I face a relearning curve.  And, I am ready to jump and take on another adventure in teaching and learning.


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