My TPI Result


Calculated survey results:
Transmission Total: (Tr) 34.
B = 13; I = 10; A = 11.
Apprenticeship Total: (Ap) 40.
B = 14; I = 15; A = 11.
Developmental Total: (Dv) 38.
B = 11; I = 14; A = 13
Nurturing Total: (Nu) 41.
B = 13; I = 15; A = 13.
Social Reform Total: (SR) 43.
B = 13; I = 15; A = 15.
Beliefs total: (B) 64
Intentions total: (I) 69
Action total: (A) 63
Mean: (M) 39.2
Standard Deviation: (SD) 3.06
Dominant Threshold: (HIT) 42.26
Recessive Threshold: (LOT) 36.14
Overall Total: (T) 196


Reflecting on Your TPI Results

  • Examine Your Profile Sheet

Among the Five Perspectives, Nurturing and Social Reform are the highest with total of 41 and 43 respectively. They are followed by Apprenticeship with 40.

  • Note the Height and Range of Your Overall Scores

My scores fall under 30’s and 40’s.

  • Check the Differentiation among Your Perspectives

My highest score is in Social Reform with a score of 42 while the lowest is Transmission with 34.  There are marked differences in the scores but the differences are not large. My profile is somewhat flat.

  • Identify Your Dominant, Back-Up, and Recessive Perspectives

My Dominant perspective is Social Reform. Back-up perspective is Nurturing and Apprenticeship. My Recessive perspective is Transmission.

  • Check for Internal Consistency

The three sub-scores: a Belief sub-score, an Intention sub-score, and an Action sub-score have little difference. Thus, what I do (Actions), what I want to accomplish (Intentions), and why I feel that is important or justified (Beliefs) are consistent and aligned except for Examine any Internal Discrepancies. Apprenticeship, Developmental and Transmission have slightly higher differences or three or more points.

I would like to reflect on this further between which sub-scores: Beliefs and Actions? Between Intentions and Actions? Between Actions and Intentions? I wish to identify explanations to these differences with regards to expectations, pressure from work (and school — UPOU), standards, integrity gap and so on.


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