Power to Change the World

Teacher Student image

A teacher has the power to change the world one student at a time. However, such power differs from one teacher to another.  To those who have taken on the vocation, a long road awaits.  For those who persevere with passion and embrace the mission, much will be given to them.

A teacher has to be first and foremost a learner.  One cannot give what one does not have.  One cannot teach what one has not learned.  For a teacher to continue on the road to teaching, learning is pursuit that does not stop.  A body of water that becomes stagnant dies whereas one that receives and gives flourishes with life.  It is the law of nature. And, the same is evident in teaching.

I thought that my education would stop over college.  However, as a professional, I learned that there are specialized courses needed to be abreast with the chosen field of occupation.  Ours is an age that is marked with changes.  And the rate of these changes have accelerated.  Relevance is temporary.  With the advances in technology, knowledge today is obsolete tomorrow.  In order for teachers to be lifelong learners, it is imperative for the individual to acknowledge his thirst for learning and that learning is a part of life regardless of age or educational attainment.

Teachers, like other professional, have many options to pursue their professional development.  This may in the form of higher education.  They can pursue masteral or doctoral studies.  Schools that employ them provide In-service training programs.  Conferences and seminars are available that may range from curriculum planning, instruction, classroom management and other relevant topics. Learning from mentors and coaches are also good avenues for learning.

Filipinos are social people.  The same is true for teachers.  Learning can further be encouraged through professional learning communities.  These are communities that can be organized within the school to promote horizontal and vertical articulation.  PLC’s built among different schools can provide bigger scopes and issues to learn from.  Learning communities can provide relevant, meaningful and timely answers to questions and concerns that teachers may be struggling with.  It is also a good support system for teachers especially those who are in their first five years of teaching.

Effective teaching can sustain its effectivity if it grows with the students and the bigger learning environment.  A teacher who loses his or her touch with the present loses outlook towards the future. Too much familiarity and comfort with ones lessons would result to a decay in the learning process.  Thus, a teacher should take care to learn.  And this includes, learning from their students, too.

I believe when teaching becomes a two-way process between a teacher and students, learning and effective teaching transforms into the kind of power that can change the world.

Image credit. Teacher and students. Retrieved last June 25, 2016 from http://www.celtcorp.com/resources/2/82796681.jpg


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