Intelligence Anyone?

In the past, I would equate intelligent people as those who got good grades in school. However, I realized that this is a pretty narrow concept of intelligence. Now, I would consider emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman), successful intelligence (Robert Sternberg), multiple-intelligence (Howard Gardner).

Among these, I prefer using successful intelligence to refer to the more meaningful and practical intelligence necessary and relevant to an individual. An intelligent person is self-aware, motivated and learns not only to improve his circumstances to attain his overall goal in life. He learns by discovering and employing all possible intelligences or by utilizing resources that are present or by making them accessible to him.

I would regard myself as intelligent based on the qualities I have stated above. By adopting a more extensive interpretation of intelligence, I have become more aware of student’s potential, including their intelligence. I know that our current standardized intelligence test would check primarily memory and analytical ability. Now, I would give more substance to practical application, dedication, common sense, resiliency, wisdom, compassion and ethics. This year, I am not teaching inside the classroom. But, I find myself the teacher of any Grade 7-10 student teaching anywhere and anytime inside the school. I have a bigger classroom with a class that is running the whole time. Since I took on Student Formation, I find myself capturing “teachable” moments as much as I can.


The Ninth Intelligence

As I sifted through my assigned reading in EDS 103, my attention was caught by the ninth intelligence of Howard Gardner.  While he may not have fully confirmed nor extensively described this intelligence compared to the rest of the multiple intelligences, I am drawn to it.

I considered myself intrapersonal.  At this point in my life, I believe that I carry also the ninth intelligence…EXISTENTIAL.  I am excited to learn more about this and delve deeper into myself.  Yes, that is very intrapersonal.  At the same time, I have this need to be at peace.  I desire to achieve balance in different aspects of life including the world at large.  But, moreso, there is a need for me to be AUTHENTIC — to live out my philosophy, by beliefs and my values.


Teacher’s Quotes: Words to Live By

Coach teach

I have often heard this old saying “The best way to learn is to teach.”  This adage has helped me to be creative with the learning process.  One cannot give what one does not have.  It is a harsh reality.  Indeed, each teacher is challenged to model the way in more ways than one.  A teacher is the captain of the ship who navigates first across a sea of confusion to arrive at a safe haven of understanding.

And, the learner who has the courage to seek and embark in such a journey is amply rewarded by a treasure of knowledge, skill and a higher level of awareness.  The preparation that a teacher faces in each lesson is unique.  It calls for a great deal of dedication and purpose.  It is this same passion that calls forth the learner to be learned.

Love to Learn

Sipag at Tiyaga

I have held on to the notion of “Sipag at Tiyaga”. Since I was a child, I was instilled with the discipline of studying my lessons and preparing sufficiently for school. Intelligence was valued at home. My grandparents were teachers. My father valued academic achievements. Early conditioning at home on learning, as well as, the rewards associated.

However, I became more familiar with my own learning style. I learn best when I see something. I am a visual person. Using Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, I find that I lean towards Visual Spatial Intelligence. I am lucky to discover this and employ it to my advantage.

People learn better than others because of different factors. These are a few that I have discovered:

  1. Learning Environment. This is a primary factor during my growing up years. I started school when I was in nursery and never stopped since.
  2. Motivation/Need. At first, I wanted to please my parents. Later on, goal of getting a job, becoming independent and becoming financially capable became very important considerations.
  3. Attitude towards Learning. Learning has shaped who I have become. It has become a lifestyle. I desire to discover more and transform to become the best person that I can be.

I believe that I have learned effectively because it has empowered me to achieve my goals and it has transformed my life the way I want it.